For the past few years, my muse had been getting progressively weaker. I was dabbling in dimensional mixed media, but I had no mentor or teacher to guide me further.


Then ...serendipity... I discovered Wanderlust, and I was excited. I knew that this was where I had to be. And it has not disappointed. I have been challenged to the edge of my patience and beyond. Yet, I look forward every week to the new lesson, because I know that there will be an inspiring new challenge awaiting me. I have taken every free course I could along the way. My craft room has become my studio. I “go to work” there every day and delight in what new frontiers I’ll visit.


My muse has multiplied into many, in the form of all the wonderful instructors from whom I’ve been so privileged to receive guidance. Wanderlust has, indeed, been exactly what I had been looking for. My muse is happy.

Thank you, Kasia and Jamie. This is such a wonderful thing that you do!

If you feel inspired by this Wanderlust story, find out more about our mixed-media online course here.

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