One of the best things I learned in Wanderlust was that Art Journaling is all about expressing myself and feeling more and more free in doing so, instead of making pretty pages which have to meet expectations, my own and other people’s.


It was such a relief to discover that it is absolutely ok to play and have fun expressing myself and that the result of that was of much less importance. Of course, in Wanderlust we are presented lots and lots of great techniques presented by wonderful and able teachers, but they too emphasize the importance of your own way of working with the given techniques and materials. So you don’t even have to buy lots and lots of new products, once you have a basic supply.


For me Wanderlust is the best of both worlds: learning new techniques and being encouraged and supported to find my own unique way of expressing in Art Journaling.


And absolutely yes am I going to join our creative journey in 2020!

With love and gratitude for your all you make possible

If you feel inspired by this Wanderlust story, find out more about our mixed-media online course here.

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