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I have a BFA since many years ago and also made a bunch of workshops. However I never had during this time a great sensation about doing art. I felt stuck and stiff and bombastic; also I saw myself as a fly beating my head against a glass because I wouldn't give up for all this years. Painful... I always yearned the amazing feeling I had while drawing and painting when I was a little girl (I painted A LOT when I was a kid). It was so spontaneous, and without planning anything. I said to myself: I know I still have this little girl inside me. Why am I not being able to connect with her again while I am working?  This was my reality and my frustration during years... until I found you! 😄

Am I being corny????

Honestly, I am not exaggerating. Something just came about very naturally this year during Wanderlust experience... I don't know why. Maybe because of the rhythm week after week, or the variety of teachers (great, btw), maybe because I had no idea about mixed media - and having no idea always helps. Maybe all this together and Kasia's kindness, her empathy and knowledge about how we struggle as artists. Wanderlust for me was much more than a year-long course where to learn some techniques (by the way, that was my original goal, learning mixed media). It was a safe place from where I could fly again, free as a kid! 


I am really very grateful!! 

Susana Garon

Anneliese is a friend from the drama group she is a member of, and she introduced me to Wanderlust on her facebook page.  I live with my disabled partner and just lately things have been going from bad to worse with her mobility problems. We are unable to go out together now and life was becoming very insular.

Joining up with the Wanderlust travellers has been a life-saver for me; I was beginning to lose sight of myself and just being subsumed into the day to day problems of being a full-time carer which is a role I do not feel qualified for and was becoming  overwhelming. 


But now I can find the creativity that I used to have  once again through your online course and it soothes my mind.  Slowly I am becoming myself again. This journey is stretching the boundaries that I used to have about mixed media art and I am finding things inside me and learning things that I did not know were there.

Thank you

Lin Sherwin

I've taken many courses over the years, but Wanderlust has stood out as my favourite and the only one I continue with. 


I've been with Kasia & Jamie from the start in 2016 and will continue on with them for as long as they continue. There's something about Wanderlust that feels different, I think a lot of it is down to Kasia.  Her warm, funny and sweet way in front of the camera. I've seen her grow in confidence from those early videos in 2016 and I feel like I've grown with her. She feels like a friend (no I'm not some weird stalker!), but I love her free and loose way of painting and her never ending enthusiasm and encouragement. 


Jamie's photography and videos are first class quality and he's just as lovely as Kasia. They are a cute couple!


Fridays have become my best day because of Wanderlust and luckily I now don't work on Fridays, so they have become my art days. I suffer from anxiety, which when prolonged, can lead to depression but art is what helps keep it at bay or helps get me out of it. 


I really look forward to the lessons and love all the different variety of teachers and techniques, I've learnt so much. Every year the course just gets better and better. I can't imagine my life without Wanderlust now!

Stephanie Austin

Wanderlust has been a huge part of my life for the past 4 and a half years. I’ve been into paper crafts for many, many years - cards and scrapbooking mainly and then beyond the page. After many classes, workshops and hours spent watching You Tube I tried my hand at art journaling and mixed media. 

Wow - you mean I can add anything to a page or canvas or any type of surface and there are no rules? 

I joined Wanderlust to expand my knowledge and learn what mixed media was all about. 

I took my first tentative steps in that first year - fearful, questioning, hesitant…

Kasia, Jamie and all the teachers so confident that as a Wanderluster, I could do this course. Me? Well, I wasn’t sure at all.

So I challenged myself to keep going, joined in the 2nd, 3rd and now 4th year. 

What have I learned? 

Apart from techniques, skills, different ways to look at art, supplies etc. which has been fantastic!



I thank you all (including other Wanderlusters) for helping me find my Muse and to enjoy the process of creating art everyday. 

Ngaire Ashdown


BLOG:   https://www.ngairerosecreations.com   

Instagram : @niagara56

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/nyreerose

I also have a You Tube channel  - just search for Ngaire Ashdown 

Wanderlust 2019 has really strengthened my creative habit. I look forward to every Friday with anticipation and have completed most projects. A small group of us in this area get together each month to work on Wanderlust projects and we support each other in this. Great fun and a pot luck lunch to boot. I like the opportunity to learn new techniques and use resources in new ways. I've discovered that I particularly like layering, building surface, complexity and atmosphere. By incorporating some of the inspiration from the Rivers theme, subconsciously I think, I completed a large work that will be in a juried show in October. I feel that there is a gestalt happening in my work, fed by Wanderlust. Thank you!

Janice Johnston - http://www.omma.co/gallery/Janice-Johnston/

First of all, I was a self-taught watercolourist who started painting in 2005.  


My first teacher  (2017) was Jane LaFazio who offers watercolour, online classes related to sketchbook, art Journaling.  I learned of Wanderlust Adventurers 2019  (W2019) from Jane after completing her 4th Watercolor Sketchbook class.  I was quite sad when the last class ended as each week of her 6 weeks, classes, I  was so inspired and learned so much.  I found it difficult to motivate myself to do art and to come up with original ideas of what I could create.


When Jane posted the ad for the W2019 course in her private Alumni Group on Facebook,  I was intrigued with what I read (a yearlong mix media course, 49 weeks, and 26  mix media artists/teachers from around the world, including Jane LaFazio and have lifelong access to the course).  I thought it presented such a wonderful opportunity to learn and decided to register and jump in with both feet.  I also thought it was going to be all about art journaling.  It is/was  much more than that……………….

The course started with Kasia Avery’s (of Everything Art, developer of Wanderlust Adventurers), optional, introductory, pre-class projects to do in preparation of future W19 classes, such as preparing journal page, backgrounds in one’s journal book(s).  It was a great way to ease one into the course.  

Some of the most important aspects of the introduction that have impacted on me this year are:

  • to make use of what one has, no pressure to go out and buy art supplies, but using one’s own supplies, AKA “Stash” in creative ways. 

  • there is no right or wrong

  • the journal is personal and it doesn’t have to please others, only oneself

  • I can do my  own take on the class or feel free to do it just as the teacher did

  • don’t listen to my inner critic, hide him away

  • go at my own pace as each class does not build on the other

  • each class is unique  

  • it is not imperative that one does every class,  but one has the choice of doing it later or never

  • do not worry about perfection as it most likely is not achievable

  • feel free to post class work in the W2019 classroom and/or on the W2019, private, Facebook Group

  • feel free to comment on and or discuss what I and classmates have posted

The intro provided me with such a freedom to create, explore, try , without negative repercussions as there is no right or wrong.  By the time I had completed half of the year, my confidence had grown so much that I no longer had the feeling of fear when taking on a new class, techniques and  challenges.   It is an amazing feeling to feel so free of oppressive feelings.

One major reason for  feeling confident is the support of instructors and fellow classmates from around the world.   We have built a wonderful “Social Network” and many friendships have developed in this course.  We are able to post photos of our works as well as comment about them and in return, receive feedback (comments) from instructors and fellow classmates .  This  enables me  to learn from other’s work and experiences in creating individual art works.

Another reason for my feeling confident is Kasia Avery and Jamie Avery’s support.  I love the live sessions they provide through Facebook and the information presented.  Kasia in her classes  and in the live sessions is very good at praising our achievements, providing tips and ways to feel free in creating, become more self-aware and how to approach one’s art.  She also presents us with demographics of the class and keeps us up to date with what is happening in the course and what is to come.  Also, the course has grown  with new classmates, throughout the year to over 1000 students.  Even though this is large, I still feel, very much like a valued member and never feel like I am just a number.  The social and genuine, support from classmates adds to the  amazing feeling of being a valued in the course.

Earlier I stated the course isn’t just about art journaling.  The classes are all so unique, (but all relate to a  monthly theme.  Some teaches present classes that can be created in one’s  journal(s), others present projects that we not only used mix media, but we construct  objects such as shadow boxes, altered boxes, Steampunk broach, painted objects, sculptured pieces with air dry clay, concertinaed journal books, etc., totally amazing.  I love the variation and uniqueness of each class.

One of the things I enjoy about W19 is the looking forward to a new class each week, even though it might be hard leaving the previous class as it was so inspiring.  This is where having lifelong access  to the course is great, one can always return to any class.  I love the anticipation of learning new techniques, meeting a new teacher from around the world, and creating a new work. 

Being and taking part of W19 is a wonderful and fulfilling experience.  What I will take away at the end of the W19 journey is that my skills in the use of mix media art supplies, creating journal pages and art works have grown significantly.  I say that and my friends and family say the same from what they have seen me achieve in this course.   I am feeling very confident in my ability to create art in many different ways, using mix media and numerous techniques.  However, I will always be a student as there is always something to learn. 

I also take with me friends/friendships and the experience of being taught by such wonderful, professional and genuine artists who seem to understand what being a student is about, yet being treated as an equal.  Amazing!!!  I now have the confidence to call myself an artist, something I could not do in the beginning of this course. 

I have put myself on the wait list for the Wanderlust 2020 course so this speaks highly for Kasia and Jamie Avery’s  Everything Arts, Wanderlust courses.  I highly recommend the Wanderlust Adventurers course. 

I would like to thank you Kasia and Jamie Avery, Wanderlust teachers and classmates for making the whole W2019 such a meaningful experience. 

As a busy doctor, working in often stressful circumstances, I had always thought of my self as scientific rather than creative. However a few years ago I started to feel a yearning to make art, and by a wonderful serendipity came across the first Wanderlust course at the same time.


That course, and all those that followed ignited in me a real love of art journalling, as a way to get lost in the flow of the process and enjoy self expression. Kasia’s lovely relaxed approach and lack of focus on the end result, her way of preferring to enjoy the journey rather than worry about the destination, really resonated with me.


The lesson a week format reminded me that there is always time to squeeze an hour or so for yourself into  even the most time pressured life, something we are all prone to forget.


Now not only do i relax with my own art journal, but suggest the process to some of my most stressed patients, with some truly amazing results!


Thank you so much Jamie and Kasia

Niki Salt

After some big changes in my life (health issues, divorce, kids leaving home) I started art journaling as a way to cope with everything that was happening with and around me. My first attempts started with some free videos on the internet until I found Wanderlust three years ago.


I was looking for some quality courses on techniques and supplies at that time and started with Jamies classes from the first Wanderlust year that were available as a bundle at that time - and what shall I say: the rest is history. I was hooked.


It has become one of my healthy habits to check the Wanderlust class when coming home on friday night after a long week at the office and starting the weekend with creativity. And even my home has benefitted from all the classes.


I have brodened my creative horizon and tried a lot of other techniques and even put some of my pieces on the walls. Now Wanderlust just belongs to my life and family


Birgit Fischer

One year ago I did not even know that there were things like online art classes . I was thinking of maybe going to an art school in the evening after discovering my inner artist, so when one of my biggest teacher Jolene Payne told in her fb group about Wanderlust , I was wanting to pay her back for the effort she puts in her work . I then went into a real adventure , made the advent calendar with Kasia gathered things that were on the supply list and was really impatient for the first lesson to be unlocked . So after 8 months of Wanderlust here is what it means to me:

Now I really feel I am an artist , I am going to art school with soo many other students and we are meeting amazing artists and techniques . The Facebook group is soo amazing people share experiences , I  get inspired by what people can do with one same lesson and end up with something completely different .


The group of students in my class are just amazingly encouraging and through comments I was able to connect with a few people in more depth and one especially who is my art buddy since nearly 3 months and we message daily and do daily pages our common goal .


I learned how to use all those products that are in my craft room since eternities and did not know what could come together when you use them in mixed media. i am finding my own preferences and artists that inspire me , look at their works and classes. let’ s say Wanderlust has brought me a lot of inspiration knowledge and friendship and is part of my artistic journey . 

I am thankful to be part of the community and that I can even inspire others .

A big thank you to everyone and especially Kasia and Jamie for putting the work into it .

With Wanderlust my art adventure is fulfilling

Offermann Nadia

IG: offermann_nadia

FB: dekappvolleriddien

How do I love Wanderlust? 


Let me count the remarkable ways. Wanderlust has influenced both my creative processes and skills while, at the same time, enriching my life.


Since I retired, I have been exploring my artful side. Wanderlust has provided me a major boost.  I am not afraid of the blank page. I know that I can cover anything with layers upon layers of mixed media yumminess, whether it be collage or acrylics, watercolor or home-made pastes, in my journal or in a box. It’s all art, at my own pace, in my own home, to be shared or not, as I wish.


The instructors are first-rate, the presentation is always clear, and the value of the course is inestimable. 


Not only do I look forward to each Friday’s new lesson, but I also enjoy looking back at what I’ve created over the year.


Wanderlust has been a wonderful journey into art and into my soul.

Carol Kellogg

I have always enjoyed crafts and over the years I have tried knitting, patchwork, dressmaking and many other crafts as well. Then over 20 years ago I discovered rubber stamping and have been addicted ever since.


At first I made greetings cards for family and friends and later started to sell them at craft fairs; but as card making increased in popularity it became more difficult to sell them. I needed another way to use my ever growing collection of stamps!


I had read about art journaling in magazines and decided to try my hand at this but wasn’t really sure what I was doing. I then read an article about Wanderlust on  the Stampington? website before it first started and decided to sign up as it seemed to be just what I needed and as a bonus it was UK based and very reasonably priced.


I have enjoyed every year since the beginning and have learned so much about techniques and art materials as well as getting ideas for journal pages and mixed media projects. Although not all the topics have interested me I have watched all the videos from the great range of international teachers as well, of course, from Jamie and Kasia.


At first I felt guilty for not attempting all that was offered but over the years I have found that although I have not attempted all the projects I have learned technique and gained transferable skills.


I really look forward to Fridays when a new lesson is posted. Wanderlust has really helped me to relax and given me the impetuous to use my free time more wisely. I would like to thank Kasia, Jamie and recently Anneliese for all the hard work and planning they have put into finding such a great range of teachers and hope Wanderlust will continue for many years to come. 

Thank you so much

Liz Thayne

I am newly retired from clinical work. After so many years in science I thought it would be fun to try and exercise my creative muscle. Wanderlust 2019 was my first commitment. 


Early days were challenging…never heard of Gesso, never knew paper had weight issues, never been allowed to be messy and so, so long since I was told to PLAY.


The first month was meditative, making vision boards, setting intentions, finding a word to focus on: what a beautiful way to start the New year. My soul responded with joy. I watched each new lesson spellbound but my Art Journal remained pristine.


As the lessons moved to 3D projects I became less enthused, at Steampunk I was too far out of my comfort zone.  But I missed the moments of joy from the early lessons so I decided to shut up my fears (unworthy, too late, uncreative, who am I kidding) and have a go.

The pages are sometimes hideous, sometimes gorgeous but always the day creating leaves me energised, joyous, playful, curious and often paint splattered. 


Wanderlust 2019 has been liberating for me.  Since early school days I have been focused on results and external validation.  Now the result is irrelevant. The process of creating has become a portal to my internal world and I am revelling in it. I am at my creative table most days now. I love it and the year is still young.


Thanks so much for your efforts to produce this inclusive, approachable and encouraging programme.

Maria Berry

Where do I begin?  Wanderlust 2019 has restored, revitalized, renewed, and refreshed my artistic journey.  How to encapsulate all that in a few short paragraphs?


Unbeknownst to me, there was ALWAYS an artist inside of me, yearning to reveal herself.  I can clearly remember getting the “STOP” sign in the 4th grade, when the well meaning art teacher gently informed me that although that was a lovely tulip I had just made from crepe paper, leaves and stems were supposed to be green, not purple.  Sensitive little artist quickly closed up shop and did not show up again until she was in her 30’s and had her own sensitive little artist child to contend with.  


By that time, I had gone into the computer field, an industry that was about as left-brained as you can get!  Gradually over the years, I “dabbled” with art, but never had the time or confidence to develop a regular practice.  Life!!! Life always gets in the way!!! Raising a child, caring for ageing parents, earning a living in a demanding field left little time or energy, so when I finally retired, I vowed to “learn” and I focused on watercolor as my medium of choice.  


Initially, I was able to spend a lot of time and energy on painting with watercolors, but even retirement has life demands and soon I was more engaged in helping my daughter with her family, selling a house, running a small side business, moving, you know . . . all those things that get in the way.  Eventually, it was too much effort to drag out the art supplies when I knew I had a limited amount of time before the next school pick-up or trip to the park!


In the summer of 2018, I had the realization that much of the problem was that I had no place to store my myriad of art supplies and no convenient place to work.  So, I remodeled my “office” and made it conducive to both the “business” side and the “art” side of my life. So when Wanderlust 2019 first came to my attention, the timing was perfect.  I was scared of making a year-long commitment when I was so busy taking care of other people. But I reminded myself that life is short and if I was going to do something for myself, now was the time!   I decided, not to shirk my other responsibilities, but to insist (to myself) that there was a time for me to do what I love. When I sit with a paintbrush in my hand, I feel at peace and I knew that I needed to have that feeling much more of the time.


Thankfully, Wanderlust was EXACTLY what I needed.  It entices me to move way beyond the boundaries of what I already knew how to do.  It cultivated a love of mixed media that I never knew was possible. It has given me so many moments of peace and freedom and joy.  And finally, I can create tulips with ANY color leaves that I choose.


Thank you so much Kasia and Jamie. I’m looking forward to continuing my Wanderlust Journey in 2020.

Jean Sommers

My Wanderlust Story began in late 2015, was it during one of my Facebook scrolls? I think so. My daughter was in her second year of college, and I was looking for something to soothe my soul. As a college graduate of Fine Art, I knew that I had to I  bring art back into the forefront of my life. It is what had been missing. My daughter and I had taken a trip back to my college and it had all come back to me. I drank in the smell of acrylic paint and it was as if I could hear the paint brush moving on canvas. I remembered the joy, and I wanted that back in my life. 


But where to begin? My college art buddies are scattered. I do not know of anyone with the same interests around me. I was going to have to do this myself. This is when I discovered Wanderlust, or I should say, Wanderlust found me. I was intrigued by the visual presentation of Wanderlust, the theme music was mesmerizing, and there was Kasia whom I had never heard of before, and yet, I was drawn in. But I still did not join. I wondered if this was for real. Then there was an opportunity to see Kasia in a video about some new Prima watercolors, and she showed how to make tags with flowers that were not fussy, not caught up in trying to be perfect, and she encouraged us to try too. I was so taken by Kasia's non-judgmental teaching style, soothing voice and charming sense of humour, that I wanted more, but I had to justify my purchase. I waited until my birthday in April to join, and Wanderlust has been the best birthday present to myself. I cannot imagine another year without it.


During my time of deciding to join Wanderlust, I looked into other offerings and none of them compared. I don't know of anywhere else that you could meet and learn from over 20 teachers. Some of my favorites I didn't know before have been Lorraine Bell, Kelly Hoernig, Finnabair, and so many others. I have learned to incorporate new techniques into my art, with layering, and tissue paper, bookbinding, and photo transfer, and so much more. I discovered that I LOVE watercolors! Kasia's lessons are the threads that hold the course together, and I look forward to them the most. I love how she teaches the rules so that you can know when to break them! The first One Collage showed me that I can do art in 5 minutes of time. Over the past few years, my art journaling started out to be "tight" and I have learned to loosen up. Because of Wanderlust, I have also had access to additional inspiration, pop up Facebook live fun, and most recently, two mini courses which have really freed me up artistically. The Daily Emotions journal, which allowed freedom of expression to reign, and the Day by Day course, where I proved to myself that I have time during the week to devote to my art in whatever format I choose. This was probably the most authentic art I had created in my life so far. This is the JOY for which I had been searching; the freedom to create art for my own self expression, for the pleasure of smelling the paint, feeling it on my hands, running my fingers over the dried ridges of it, making my artistic mess, and loving every minute of it. Changes are made to the format each year, which keep the content fresh, and provide even more opportunities to change and grow in my art.


In Wanderlust, Kasia and Jamie have given us all a gift in the wonderful, loving, supportive, and gracious community they have created. We are gifts to each other. We may not meet in person, although I have connected with a couple over the years, but we feel as though we know each other through this Wanderlust journey and our art. I love the posts that include the artists' inspirations or how the idea started out one way and the art took a different path. There is a lot of humour, warmth, and encouragement in this group; all of the members and their art are inspirations to me. I thank you, Kasia and Jamie, for having the inspiration and the courage to create this course, and for sharing so much of yourselves and your lives with us. My time with you has brought me more joy than you can know. For that, I am eternally grateful.

Deborah Fleming

Blog: http://redroseheart.com/

If you feel inspired by this Wanderlust story, find out more about our mixed-media online course here.

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