It’s been a positive force reminding me to always make time for my art. Through the teachings I have developed as an artist. I now have the courage to express my emotions on paper and not be bothered by what anyone else thinks. It’s my work and not a facsimile of anyone else’s. I’ve learned to embrace mishaps as an opportunity to work with. 


My art corner is now filled with gorgeous products and ephemera. I collect scrap of paper and fabrics. I’ve cleared clutter and focused on a few essential beautiful paints and mediums so as to have more fun exploring their uses and possibilities. 


I’ve discovered genres I’d never heard of and loved them...especially Steampunk I went on to decorate a mini chest of drawers to house my stamps,inks and stencils in. 


I’ve learned meditative art therapy which has been very useful. I write down my thoughts and paint over them if I want them gone. I now prepare my minds focus with 5 steps before I start my work and always light a candle. My music 🎶 has now a big part in my art now too. I set the mood and lose myself in art. Mindfulness at its best.


So many artists have talked me through each Friday with gentle encouragement allowing me to try new techniques. I have never had so much fun with my art!


I’ve a collection of art journals hand made, canvases, shadow box and clay heats. So many beautiful things I’ve been able to create thanks to Wanderlust 2019.


To sum up this course has given me peace, courage and strength to believe in myself again. It has affected my life by opening my eyes and emotions to see patterns in nature, to really see colour. I’m looking forward to Wanderlust 2020. 


Last but not least , its introduced me to Kasia and the lovely warm chatty videos and Eliza who stretches my mind and gets me researching artists and art forms each month. 

I’ve grown this year.

P.S I’m 58 so age shouldn’t stop anyone signing up for the course! Never too old to learn new things 😄🎨📝🖍📚☕️

If you feel inspired by this Wanderlust story, find out more about our mixed-media online course here.

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