I was at an important turning point in my artistic life when I came across the notice about Wanderlust 2019. Instinctively, and without question, I clicked on the link and read about the program and knew it was perfect for what I was needing... a community, a network of other artists sharing their talents and techniques. 


Kasia and Jamie's charming characters were so warm and inviting, their "commercial" for their program was warm and inviting and incredibly professional. We don't like to think of ourselves as judge and jury but every time we make a decision to undergo an opportunity, we become just that. For me there was no deliberation and my verdict of "YES" made it easy to click the enroll button and commit myself to it. 


Being on the internet is nothing new for me. Since 2010, I've been exploring the immersive digital art world and found a virtual environment in which I became not only an artist but also in 2015 an assistant curator to a head curator for the immersive digital division of the Santorini Biennale, and as of this year also for the Wrong Biennale. I have worked with teams of up to 38 digital artists/builders on three biennales now, and learned just how diverse an artist can be. My own immersive digital 3D art installations won the Long-Legged Maskit Award in the 2018 Santorini Biennale. 


In real life I was painting with watercolors and saw my first exhibit in 2018. But I needed more, my hungry artist wanted to creatively expand in real life. I wanted to learn mix media and was considering the possibility of having an artist livestream on youtube as I'd known for years I was supposed to do something of this nature on youtube, but I just didn't know what. That's when I came across Wanderlust.


From the very start, In just a short time, I began to receive the embellishments I was craving in each weekly lesson. The wonderful non-competitive community was supportive and not overly sugar-coating with praises. Based on number of likes and comments to each completed lesson, I was able to learn where I was falling short or where I was excelling. I began to feel that I was part of a very unique community of soulful artists and no matter what level the teacher might be in her professional artistic life, she had something wonderful to share, a new twist on an old skill, a new technique, the occasional invitation to step outside the box and try something entirely new. But no matter how far outside the box the lesson would invite us, whatever skill was being taught could be incorporated into a future mix media project on canvas. 


I know there are other online art programs running, and I've experienced a range of them, but I'm pretty certain that Wanderlust provides the most broad range of teachers and a comprehensive exploration of different 4-week themes, enough to keep even the most hungry artist satisfied and focused. For me, Wanderlust2019 was heaven sent, a gift from the gods, however you want to say it... and I'm so very grateful to Kasia and Jamie Avery for their mission in organizing these in-depth and artistically adept adventures every year for us!

Instagram:  KismaReidling

If you feel inspired by this Wanderlust story, find out more about our mixed-media online course here.

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