For me, Wanderlust has been all about commitment, community, and creativity.


The weekly prompts are timed perfectly; since they arrive on Friday, it’s easy for me to find some weekend time to commit each week to art. This is the longest I have stayed with an online art course; I typically lose interest even before the half-way point. But the strong sense of community on the Facebook page keeps me going! Everyone is so kind and supportive, regardless of level.


There are some beginners (like me) and some really talented artists. The positive feedback—and learning from others in how they are approaching the lesson—really helps! The creativity of the instructors is amazing!! The diversity of techniques and styles has really pushed my art boundaries.


Often a lesson that interests me the least ends up becoming a favorite because it forced me to do something I wouldn’t have done otherwise! As I go through my art journal and see the wide diversity of projects and styles we’ve done this year, I’m so delighted at what I’ve learned and been able to accomplish.


Thank you, Kasia and Jamie, for making my growth as an artist possible! Very much appreciate this adventure.

If you feel inspired by this Wanderlust story, find out more about our mixed-media online course here.

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