I was enjoying the lessons and challenging myself to try projects well outside my comfort zone and then something happened that took things to another level. In June I was diagnosed with breast cancer followed by total mastectomy and I am now awaiting chemotherapy. It has been engaging in the lessons that has helped me cope with all this and will continue to do so, I am sure with what comes next.

I have found solace, distraction and fun with the art, particularly when friends and family are not available. I have one friend who is also doing the course who I had not told what I was going through as our only connection had been through meeting at an art workshop. The other day she sent me some lovely tissue papers and material she had found with the quote ‘illuminate the dark with joyful art’ I was so overwhelmed at the apt ness of this I have shared what I have been through with her. I have since done an art piece with some of the papers and have added this to the e mail.

So thank you Kasia and all the wonderful teachers for helping me through this time.

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