Each year, I challenge myself to do something entirely new. Like most people, when January first hits, I'm ready for a fresh start. Although with each new year, I'm seeking a challenge that's both fun and creative. I need something that'll keep me interested and committed for 365 days Whatever the challenge may be, I do it entirely for me. Therefore, it's critical I find something where can relax and have a good time.

I've always enjoyed making art as both a child and youth. But as an adult, my life became more scheduled and the demands of work interfered with much of my time off. For so long, I was unable to commit to creating and often felt too drained at the end of the day to try to create. As an adult, I also put a lot of pressure to create masterpieces and beautiful works of art. Sometimes, the stress of starting and the high expectations regarding the outcome of my art, are enough for me to say, 'No way! I'm not making art today!'

However, the simplicy and ease of the Wanderlust workshop has brought art back into my life. The lessons are simple to follow and fit into my busy schedule. I love having a art journal that allows me to visit it when I can (like an old friend.) I also love not worrying about the end result. Unless I choose to share my work, art journaling is entirely for me!

Even if I make a small effort toward creating, I feel good knowing I did! It's exciting to learn something new and see others work without the pressure of making a perfect work of art! 

Wanderlust 2019 has been the perfect personal challenge for me. Each week, I look forward to the prompts as a way to creatively express myself. When I'm in my studio - surrounded by my art supplies and guided by a wanderlust video, I feel happy and complete! I can learn a new technique from an artist, make a beautiful work of art and have fun without even having to leave the comfort of my home! Art journaling is therapeutic too. Often when I'm journaling I forget my daily stress and expectations as an adult. In our chaotic, time demanding world, it's nice to give in, let loose and as Kasia reminds us, 'trust the process'.

While most of my yearly challenges end with December 31st, I'm certain that the Wanderlust Art Journaling is in my life to stay! 

Thank you Kasia (and hubby) for bringing art back into my life! Keep up the hard work and great content! I'm a huge fan and follower! 

If you feel inspired by this Wanderlust story, find out more about our mixed-media online course here.

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