Wanderlust has brought me so much joy.


I have been making art since I was a small child. My parents encouraged me by setting up a "studio" for me in our spare bedroom and bought me oil paints, an easel and many, many pads of paper. I majored in art at university. I has always been a major source of joy for me. So when I felt myself blocked, I felt as though I had not only lost my dear mother, but also a huge source of my own personal happiness, You can't begin to know how much this Wanderlust experience has meant to me. I feel spiritually healed. 

When I read about Wanderlust 2019 on Jane LaFazio’s newsletter last year, I thought the premise sounded interesting. I needed something desperately to kickstart my art practice. My mother passed away in late 2017 and as she sank deeper into the dementia that robbed her of speech and comprehension I communicated with her by sending a small watercolor painting each week.


When she left us I found myself unable to pick up a paintbrush or work in my art journal. I decided to try the Wanderlust course and right from the beginning I knew it was just what I needed to pull myself out of my funk. I found myself looking forward to each Friday with eager anticipation. Not only are the lessons inspiring and fun, the Facebook group has been wonderful.


I have made new friends from all over the globe.  I am having more fun than ever with art and reveling in the kind supportive words of my fellow artists. Art heals.

If you feel inspired by this Wanderlust story, find out more about our mixed-media online course here.

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