I am feeling blessed & thankful that I found your Wanderlust courses!!! I participated last year and this year also. I love that I am learning new techniques and using the many art supplies I have collected over the years! I also really enjoy the camaraderie of the other students - I feel like I have made some artsy friends that I follow on FB and IG - I enjoy seeing what others share and how they interpret your classes.


Most of all, I think that by following the lessons, I have learned to look at everything in my life in a creative way - take pleasure in what I see when I am driving around during the day, get inspiration from what I see or what people say, take my time and enjoy the process (whether it is in creating art or living life), and do what really matters to me (again, whether in creating art or how I spend my time!)


I am very excited and pleased, that although I have never taken any art classes in school, I am able to create things that look so nice, that an old friend told me she thought my IG posts were of art that I purchased, and then it finally occurred to her that it was things that I had made!!! So, I thank you both!!!

If you feel inspired by this Wanderlust story, find out more about our mixed-media online course here.

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